COVID-19 English Laptop Checkout Program

To support the Iowa State University contingency plan of continued education through Canvas online coursework, English IT is offering temporary checkout laptops for faculty, staff, and graduate students to use.

All laptops are supplied with standard Iowa State University applications and can be used to access Canvas from home.  Access to the laptops can be granted by logging in with your ISU Net-ID and Password.  If you do not have internet access at your home, you can login instead with the username local with the password local as it instructs on the login screen.

NOTE:  These laptops have Deep Freeze installed on them.  Restarting the computers will cause the device to reset and wipe data.

 For the duration of this change, you are asked to use the following contacts for support:

When the duration of online coursework ends, please return the laptops as soon as possible to English IT.  These laptops are used for instruction in the laptop cart classrooms.