What’s Going On Now

Gary Ockey

Professor, Applied Linguistics & Technology

Invited Key Note Speaker

Assessing English as a Lingua Franca

English as a lingua franca researchers argue that language assessments focus too much on native speaker standards, including native speech varieties, grammatical forms, and idiomatic phrases. In this paper, I described ISU’s English placement test, which focuses on the ability to communicate, which is in line with ELF researcher views, but I also pointed out that some attention needs to be paid to standardization and accuracy when assessing a language.

TEPS 20th anniversary conference: Dreaming of a new beginning, Seoul National University in Seoul Korea, November 1, 2019.


Daniel Henke

Graduate, TA, Rhetoric & Professional Communication

Playing the Trump Card:
A Rhetorical Analysis of Trump’s Twitter Tweets with a Postcolonial Lens in Response to Hurricane Maria

The devastation caused by Hurricane Maria created controversies by the people of Puerto Rico in response to the complicit neglect by Donald Trump and government agencies. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Trump tweeted many times, and I argue that these tweets exhibit a form of colonial Othering, most notably through the concept of colonial mimicry (Bhabha, 1994). I argue that Trump’s tweets use manipulative pronouns to both blame the people of Puerto Rico for his poor response to the hurricane and also serve as a deflection technique to eschew responsibility for his inaction in the immediate aftermath

National Communication Association 105th Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD. November 13-17, 2019


Abby Dubisar

Associate Professor, Rhetoric & Professional Communication

Feminist Food Activism: Connecting Public Science and Social Justice

We are hosting a discussion about feminist food activism. Applying a feminist orientation to food activism highlights how power and gender, as well as race, class, geographic location, ability, mobility, and more, are interlinked with food systems.

National Women’s Studies Association, San Francisco, CA, November 14-17, 2019


Sarah Chase Crosby

Assistant Teaching Professor

Building Campus & Community Partnerships for Student Wellness &Activism

This presentation will focus on how we built our collaborative partnership and set up an innovative service-learning opportunity for students to grow their wellness and community activism skills. In particular, we will share our strategies of knowing your community, building intentional connections and learning opportunities, and infusing tenets of cultural responsiveness.

Presenting with Jazzmine Brooks, ISU OEO, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator.

National Learning Communities Conference, Indianapolis, IN, November 14–16, 2019