A’Ja Lyons


527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


A'Ja Lyons was born and raised in Sunnyside, the oldest African-American community in southern Houston, Texas. She graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies. A'Ja was a book reviewer and column contributor for Pennsylvania Diversity Network's Valley Gay Press, and an article contributor for Gallaudet University's The Buff and Blue. Her short stories and poems have been published in Sinister Wisdom, Decolonial Passage, Valiant Scribe, and many others. A’Ja is the founder of Griot Gang, a summer writing workshop for Black graduate English students.

In addition to writing poetry and fiction, A'Ja is passionate about reproductive rights and presented on state telemed abortion rights at the inaugural Iowa Undergraduate Human Rights Research conference. A’Ja is one of the lead organizers of Black Lives Matter: Boone County, Iowa. A’Ja is an avid participant in local theater productions. Information on A’Ja’s past, present, and upcoming work can be found at ajalyons.com. A’Ja is immensely grateful to the women in academia who’ve shown relentless support in her achievements; including but not limited to Dr. Beverly McPhail, Liz Bradbury, Dr. Jennifer Nelson, and Dr. Amy Bix.

A'Ja is the proud mother of an athletically gifted and animal-loving child.