Barbara Haas


Office:345 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
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Courses I am Teaching

English 304—Introduction to Fiction Writing
English 305—Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing
English 404—Advanced Fiction Workshop
English 405—Advanced Nonfiction Workshop
English 555—Graduate Creative Nonfiction Workshop
English 557—Special Topics in Creative Writing


M.F.A., English, University of California-Irvine
B.A., English, University of Southern Indiana

Although I began life as a fiction writer (M.F.A., UC-Irvine) and will always nurture a special place in my heart for short story writing, I find that CNF essays afford me the best way to address topics related to nature and environment.

In my CNF essays I coax from raw facts and empirical data the kind of nonfiction narrative that is at once grounded in information but also emotionally evocative. Instead of discovering and advancing original science about an eco-issue, or conducting research on it, my CNF involves aggregating and synthesizing existing knowledge with historical data, cultural happenings and contemporary events (ecological hazards, natural disasters, food issues, climate change and the like) in order to probe mysteries, illustrate basic truths and tell a good story.

This approach allows me to search out odd pockets of meaning, forge creative links, make connections between disparate elements and ultimately examine the social and cultural implications of the human drama beneath the sheer weight of numbers, facts and information.

Like Losing Three Sardinias
"Sons of Gustaf"
"The Logo of Gyrsuf"

My purpose is to contribute to an ongoing global debate or conversation about nature, ecology and culture. I have traveled extensively in service of this aim. Post-Soviet environmental issues in Russia are an enduring passion.

Russia Is Not Like Us
Liquid Church
Crucible at Kronshtadt

Creating new media CNF essays for handheld devices allows me to indulge a guilty pleasure:

Haas Visual Essays

My short stories have appeared in such journals as Glimmer Train, The Antioch Review, Georgia Review, Quarterly West, Western Humanities Review and others. I am a repeat contributor of fiction to The North American Review, Virginia Quarterly Review and the Hudson Review. The U.S. government has endorsed my work in the form of a National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship in Fiction.

My short story collection is When California Was an Island.

Recent Creative Nonfiction Publications

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