Benjamin DuBow


527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


Benjamin DuBow is a first-year MFA candidate in CWE. An obsessive reader his whole life, Benjamin only realized in his second year as an undergrad at Columbia University (Class of '18) that he could actually major in books (shout out to LitHum!). With nary another thought, he threw his half-baked ideas of studying chemistry or astrophysics to the wayside and dove head-in. His favorite writers and thinkers and literary inspirations include: Virginia Woolf, Toni Morrison, Chuang Tzu, Leslie Marmon Silko, Patrick Rothfuss, David Abram, Frederick Nietzsche, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Michael Pollan, and, of course, Shakespeare.

Even more recently, he came to understand that he could even write the books (he is only first learning, however, that this part is not cake). Benjamin is interested in exploring the stories humans tell themselves about their place in the world and the nature of relationships--with the planet, with each other, and with themselves--that result. (He tends to think we could use some new ones.)

Aside from bookish things, Benjamin likes to hike, walk, scuba dive, eat, wander in unfamiliar places (he's spent a sizeable chunk of the two years since graduating traveling the world), forage, and cook (which accounts for most of the other chunks). Embarrassingly recently, he learned that music is cool, too.