Colin Payton




Hello! I am a third year PhD student in Rhetoric and Professional Communication and a 2017 recipient of the Freda Huncke Teaching Fellowship. My raison d’etre is to inspire collegiate minds through the collaborative work of writing centers, scholarship, and peer-focused classrooms. Forged in the liberal arts, my personal learning philosophy is simple: one should be able to read anything, write anything, and speak on anything. Having this light, I strive to pass it on to others in my classrooms, institutional networks, and my two consecutive years of presenting at the International Writing Center Association’s conference and the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

Currently, I teach English 150, but I have taught Speech Comm 212 and TAed for ME/WLC 484/584: Technology, Globalization, and Culture (check them out!). As an instructor, I believe all communication is a performance (Thomas and Turner’s Clear and Simple as the Truth; Vico’s On Humanistic Education) of running order through chaos (The Education of Henry Adams; Amherst’s Theodore Baird); thus, students will experience theatrics and games in my classrooms alongside presentations and writing assignments. When teaching speech, memory studies and delivery styles from classical rhetoric take the fore; when teaching composition, style-as-choice and revision-through-reflection dominate. Importantly, ISU’s focus on science and technology is a thrilling contrast from my liberal arts background, and I ask all my students to consider readers who know a little bit less instead of trying to impress those who know a little bit more.