Kaitlin Petersen


Office:521 Clinton St
Boone IA


Kaitlin Petersen is working towards getting her Master’s in English with a Specialization in the Teaching of Reading. She received her undergraduate degree from Iowa State University in 2014. Kaitlin has spent the past five years teaching grades 5-12 at three different school districts. Kaitlin has spent much of her teaching career working with non-proficient readers in order to help bridge the gap in their learning. She currently teaches 9-10 graders at Boone High School. Some of her favorite things to teach are Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar), Of Mice and Men, and rhetorical analysis (the study of logical fallacies, how to structure an argument, etc.)

Kaitlin is blessed to spend any free time she has (which is rare) with her husband and her two children. She enjoys reading, biking, playing disc golf, and scrapbooking.