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1.10 Graduation

English Department Graduation Support Staff, Katie Siders (ksiders@iastate.edu) 1.10.1 Graduation deadlines and resources It is your responsibility to know and follow these deadlines and procedures imposed by the English Department, the Graduate College, and the Graduation Office. Missed deadlines may result in graduation being cancelled and postponed to a later semester. Administrative procedures for graduation … Continue reading 1.10 Graduation

1.9 Professional Travel Funding Support

1.9.1 Professional travel funding from the English Department The Department of English may contribute funding—on a competitive basis and subject to fund availability—for students in English Department graduate majors who are presenting at conferences (for example, serving on a panel, presenting a paper, or conducting a workshop). You may use travel funds for reimbursement of … Continue reading 1.9 Professional Travel Funding Support

1.8 Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis in the English Department. Assistantships include monthly stipends for 9 months during the academic year, health insurance benefits, and tuition scholarships (summer appointments are separate, include stipends and tuition scholarships, but have limited availability). ISU tuition and fees information can be found at https://www.registrar.iastate.edu/fees/. Insurance options and prescription … Continue reading 1.8 Graduate Assistantships

1.5 Minors and Co-Majors

1.5.1 Minoring in graduate degree majors English Department graduate students minoring in programs outside their major If you wish to earn a graduate minor in a major outside the English Department graduate majors, you will need to find a faculty member from that major who will help you identify the necessary minor courses and who … Continue reading 1.5 Minors and Co-Majors

1.6 Course Policies

1.6.1 Courses Graduate courses that bear graduate credit (500- or 600-level at ISU and must be taught by a member of the graduate faculty) are used to meet graduate program of study (POS) requirements. Under certain circumstances, undergraduate ISU courses (300- or 400-level) may also be used to meet graduate POS requirements at the discretion of the … Continue reading 1.6 Course Policies

1.2 Academic Information

1.2.1 Graduate College English Language Requirements The Graduate College requires students who are nonnative speakers of English to take or be exempted from specific testing upon their arrival at Iowa State University. English Placement Test (EPT) If you are a nonnative speaker of English, you must take or be exempted from the English Placement Test … Continue reading 1.2 Academic Information

1.1 Graduate Program Resources

1.1.1 Graduate Program Staff Assistant The Graduate Program Staff Assistant (227 Ross Hall, englgrad@iastate.edu) keeps records of your progress to degree. It is especially important to notify the Graduate Program Staff Assistant of any changes that should be noted for our records in the department and regularly update your information in AccessPlus for the Registrar’s … Continue reading 1.1 Graduate Program Resources

Graduate Program of Study Manual

    A Guide to English Department Policies and Procedures for Graduate Students and Faculty   Iowa State University Department of English     (January 2021)