Speech Communication Requirements

Student giving preentation

A major in Speech Communication from Iowa State University prepares you to use oral and written communication skills to influence, inform, educate, and assist the people around you. As a Speech Communication major, you learn and practice a variety of speaking techniques ranging from persuasion to traditional rhetoric, and in your studies, you learn from great speakers past and present. Our classes prepare you for any human-centered career field you choose – law, teaching, sales and marketing, and human resources, to name a few – and most importantly, they will help connect you to your communities. To meet the needs of your future profession, you take courses in several unique areas (each requirement and elective is listed below).

Our major requires a minimum of 33 credits in Speech Communication courses with a grade of C or better. Our flexible curriculum with few prerequisites can help you accomplish this in a timely way.

Required Core Courses (18 cr.)

  • Sp Cm 110: Listening
  • Sp Cm 212: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • Sp Cm 327: Persuasion
  • Sp Cm 412: Rhetorical Criticism
  • Sp Cm 416: History of American Public Address
  • Sp Cm 497: Capstone Seminar

Additional Speech Comm Courses (15 cr.)

You will also complete additional coursework of at least 5 other Speech Comm courses from the following list.

  • Sp Cm 275: Popular Culture Analysis
  • Sp Cm 305: Language, Thought & Action
  • Sp Cm 312: Business and Professional Speaking
  • Sp Cm 313: Communication in Classrooms & Workshops
  • Sp Cm 322: Argumentation, Debate and Critical Thinking
  • Sp Cm 323: Gender and Communication
  • Sp Cm 324: Legal Communication
  • Sp Cm 325: Nonverbal Communication
  • Sp Cm 350: Rhetorical Traditions
  • Sp Cm 404: Special Topics Seminar
  • Sp Cm 417: Campaign Rhetoric
  • Sp Cm 490: Independent Study

Other courses in the Speech Comm program include

  • Sp Cm 290: Special Projects
  • Sp Cm 499: Internship