Orientation for Incoming Students

We recommend starting the online orientation as soon as possible.

Preparing For Your Advising Meeting

Please watch a short video on how to prepare for your advising meeting, then read the following.


Step 1

Begin by clicking on this link to access the General Education Approved Course List for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The courses listed on this page are approved courses you can take to meet general education requirements.

  • Be sure to note that you’re looking at each tab separately – Arts and Humanities, Mathematical Disciplines, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Department of English majors need 9 credit hours of Arts and Humanities, 3 credit hours of Mathematical Disciplines, 8 credit hours of Natural Sciences, and 9 credit hours of Social Sciences.
  • Click on individual courses to read the course description as well as see whether a course is offered Fall, Spring, or both.
  • Write down which classes you’d be interested in taking for the next semester. A student needs 12 credit hours to be considered full-time. In case your first choices are full by the time you register, have a list of 2nd and 3rd choices.

Step 2

After you’ve reviewed your options for the General Education courses and read the course descriptions, click on this link to access the Schedule of Classes. Here you can view what classes are being offered for the next semester.

  • Write down the sections and times of classes you are interested in taking. Be sure to write down the course and section numbers (for example, Psych 230 Sec. 1 Tues/Th 9:30-10:45).
  • Make sure you are writing down classes that do not overlap or conflict in meeting times.
  • Consider how to make a schedule that will work best for you. Some students like starting fresh in the morning; others prefer to go later into the day. Some like the efficiency of having classes back to back, and others prefer some time in between to get work done. Not every class has a choice about times, but it’s good to think about how scheduling can help you set yourself up for success.

Step 3

Click on this link to access the Department of English’s web page. Here you can view information on all the majors (under the dropdown menu Undergraduates) that fall within the department, as well as information about scholarships, student organizations, classes, and contact information for your adviser.

  • To view video testimonials from alumni, scroll down to the Why English section on the department’s home page.
  • On the video, hover your cursor over the 3 horizontal lines in the right-hand corner.
  • Click on the different videos to hear what alumni from our different majors have to say about their experiences in the Department of English.

From Our Graduates

Hear from some of our graduates about their experiences in the Department of English.


Carly Sommerlot, Linguistics and International Studies


Wesley Martin, Linguistics


Miles Conlan, Linguistics


Lindsey Sinnwell, English Education


Riley Dawson Hushak, English and Linguistics


Abby Stauffer, English and Technical Communication


Mary O’Bannon, Linguistics


Haley Hockensmith Henry, English Education


Kalli Baker, English, History and Classical Studies


The English Advising Team:

  • Christiana Langenberg, Advising Coordinator (focus on English Literature, Creative Writing) clang@iastate.edu
  • Madison Akers (focus on English Education) akersme@iastate.edu
  • Samantha Robinson-Adams (focus on English Rhetoric, also adviser for Technical Communication, Speech Communication) slr@iastate.edu
  • Isabella Perksen (adviser for Linguistics) iperksen@iastate.edu