What’s Going On Now

Joseph Cheatle Director, Writing and Media CenterFirst-author on a recently published paper
Giaimo, Christine Modey, and Candace Hastings. “Networked [Writing] Centers: Utilizing Online Visualization Tools on Large Multi-institutional Data Sets.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Special Issue on Data Visualization in Composition Studies. 25.1 (2020).

To date, there is very little critical engagement with the field of data visualization in writing center studies. This project critically engages with data visualization practices for large text-based data sets. We focus on a corpus of around 2 million words and four types of data visualization (Cirrus, Table, Collocates Graph, and WordTree) to make arguments about the larger field of writing center studies. We also address the value of cross-institutional work for writing center studies, particularly related to documents (e.g., sessions notes) that are often under-utilized at individual institutions.

Link: http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/25.1/praxis/cheatle-et-al/index.html
Charlie KostelnickProfessor, Rhetoric and Professional CommunicationPaper published in Information Design Journal 25.2 (2019): 192-213.
“Pervasive and Perplexing Pies: Our Evolving Relationship with a Data Display Genre.”
Tina CoffeltAssociate ProfessorA paper published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.
"A report on the academic environment in business and professional communication."
Tina CoffeltAssociate ProfessorA paper published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.
"Outliers: Exemplary and Unacceptable Workplace Communication Skills."
Deb YoungGraduate Student, Rhetoric and Professional CommunicationCo-Authored and article in the 20th anniversary issue of Reflections
"Reflective Cartography: Mapping Refelctions' First Twenty Years"
Dr. Moonyoung Park, an alum of ISU's ALT program and Sarah Huffman Assistant Director, Center for Communication ExcellenceCo- authored an article in The Especialist
Park and Huffman explore the instructional design process in creating, implementing, and evaluating air traffic control (ATC) English language learning materials in their most recent publication "Developing an aeronautical English training unit based on the ADDIE model in an EFL context" published in The Especialist. This work represents a cross-institutional collaboration between Dr. Park, who currently works at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Huffman, who works in the Center for Communication Excellence in the Graduate College at Iowa State.