“Why did you choose Technical Communication?”

We spoke with undergraduate Technical Communications (TComm) majors about their reasons for choosing that as their major area of study.  Here are the interviews with four students — Nolan Dale, Tiffany Jin, Lydia Samuelson, and Nick Stiles.  They talk about their favorite classes, give advice to prospective students, and talk about why they chose TComm as their major.


Nolin Dale – Sophomore TComm Major, General Business Minor — “I came into Iowa State undecided as a freshman and really didn’t know what I wanted to do. My academic advisor recommended the Technical Communication program to me after I took a few classes to explore my interests. I took Intro to Technical Communication (ENGL 214) and really liked it. I feel like it fits what I am looking for and I enjoy the flexibility within the field.” Tiffany Jin – Junior  TComm & Engl Literature — “I chose this major because it gives you a lot of valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to a variety of fields and careers.” Lydia Samuelson – Junior, English & TComm major — “When I think of the TComm Program I think of the words fresh, practical, and applicable because everything I’m learning is something that I am going to see later in life taught by a professor currently in the field.”


Nick Stiles -Freshman, TComm major  — “I came to ISU as an open option major. Last semester I took ENGL 214 (Introduction to Technical Communication) and ENGL 250 (Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition) and got to learn a lot about the Technical Communication program and really enjoyed it.”