Ananda Muhammad Awarded Freda Huncke Graduate Teaching Fellowship

Ananda Muhammad, a native of Indonesia, is currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Linguistics and Technology. Her research for her master’s thesis titled “Creation and Evaluation of Multimedia Materials to Promote Development of Current and Prospective International Students’ Pragmatic Competence in Academic Settings” has led her to her graduate interests, specifically Computer Assisted Language Learning and Language Assessment within the focus of pragmatic competence. The Freda Huncke Graduate Teaching Fellowship has generously granted her the time to further pursue these interests through research and eventual dissemination of the results in academic conferences. In fact, her conference proposal on the different varieties of test items for pragmatics assessment using technology has been accepted for presentation at the 2018 Language Assessment Research Conference, and the fellowship will give her the much needed time to focus on conducting her research. Not only that, the fellowship course release in Spring 2018 will allow her time to be more involved in academic student organizations, such as the Language Assessment Student Organization in which she is Risk Manager, and the ISU Fulbright Students and Scholars organization in which she is President. Truly, the Freda Huncke Graduate Teaching Fellowship will grant her the ability to experience a well-rounded academic education in her first year as a PhD student.