Hogrefe Visiting Writer Series: David Montgomery

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March 28, 2019, 7:00pm | Great Hall, Memorial Union

Bringing Our Soil Back to Life

David Montgomery

Thursday, March 28, 2019, 7:00 pm, Great Hall, Memorial Union

David R. Montgomery, author of Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations, is a professor at the University of Washington, where he studies the evolution of topography and how geological processes shape landscapes and influence ecological systems. He will speak about his most recent book, Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life, and make a case for how agriculture can be the solution to global environmental problems. The book draws on his experiences visiting farms around the world as a MacArthur Fellow and explores practices that help restore soil health and fertility. Montgomery is the author of several other books, including The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life, co-written with Anne Biklé. Pesek Colloquium on Sustainable Agriculture

David Montgomery studied geology at Stanford University before earning his PhD in geomorphology at the University of California, Berkeley. His other books include King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon and the The Rocks Don’t Lie: A Geologist Investigates Noah’s Flood.