Research Excellence Award (REA) and Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) Recipients

Congratulations to the following graduate students for their awards in research and teaching:


Research Excellence Awards

Yongkook Won, Applied Linguistics & Technology, Major Professor — Gary Ockey


Research Excellence Awards

Emily Horner, Creative Writing & Environment, Major Professor — KL Cook


Sonca Vo, Applied Linguistics & Technology, Major Professor — Gary Ockey

Teaching Excellence Awards

Iza Bruen-Morningstar, Creative Writing & Environment


Brendan Curtin, Creative Writing & Environment


Emily Grzywacz, English


Austin Harrington, Rhetoric & Professional Communication


Yasin Karatay,  Applied Linguistics & Technology


Lauren Malone, Rhetoric & Professional Communication

The students receive a department scholarship award and are recognized at the department’s spring Student Awards Ceremony.  They also receive letters and certificates from the ISU President and are recognized at commencement.