Rachel McKenny Interviewed on IPR’s River to River

CATEGORIES: Department News

Rachel McKenny, assistant teaching professor in the departments of English and Speech Communication, was interviewed for Iowa Public Radio’s River to River show “for a look at the reality of teaching at the college level in a pandemic.”  A reporter from IPR had reached out to see how various professors around Iowa were handling the new semester.  Among other things, she told them how much more prepared and supported she felt this semester because they had time to be ready for this, as well as how the skills of public speaking via Zoom/webcam have become even more important as learning outcomes for students.

The program aired on August 27th, and you can listen to the podcast here: https://www.iowapublicradio.org/show/river-to-river/2020-08-27/faculty-and-students-express-concerns-over-safety-communication-as-universities-begin-classes