Fall 2020 TEA/REA Award Winners

Congratulations to the following graduate students! 

Recipients of the Graduate College  Research Excellence Awards (REA) and/or Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA)  by the Graduate Studies Committee Fall 2020


Research Excellence Awards Fall 2020 

Nazlinur Gokturk Tuney         ALT        Carol Chapelle/Evg Chukharev-Khudilaynen, Major Profs


Teaching Excellence Awards Fall 2020 

Caroliena Cabada                  CWE      Kenneth Cook, Major Prof

Esther Crompton                    RPC       Linda Shenk/Stacy Tye-Williams, Major Profs

Riley Morsman                       CWE      Barbara Haas, Major Prof

Sondoss Elnegahy                 ALT       Gary Ockey, Major Prof

Kristin Terrill                           ALT       Elena Cotos, Major Prof

The department provides a modest scholarship award to each recipient.  Each also receives a letter, certificate, and honor cord from the ISU President and recognition by ISU at commencement.