Congratulations Spring 2022 Graduate & Undergraduate Award Winners!

Critical Literary Analysis Writing Award
Awarded to an undergraduate or a graduate student for a single piece of critical exposition originally written for an English course at Iowa State University
Daphne Brewer 

Cross-Disciplinary Linguistics Scholarship
Awarded annually to one student majoring in linguistics for exceptional academic performance
Adam Haut

EnglQueer Outreach Award
An annual award for raising awareness in the Iowa State community about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and transsexual issues
Cynthia Wolters

Excellence in Writing and Communication Award
In recognition of an English 150 or English 250 student who demonstrates excellence in multimodal communication
Ariana DeCleyre
Chasity Foster
Savannah Franklin
Sadie Johnson Sieben
Elyse Kriegel
Hannah Loyim
Nadia Marzec
Zhi Shuen Ng
Jordan Stahly

Graduate Student Leadership Award
Carrie Ann Johnson

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student Award
Emily Riley
Savannah Maynard
Emily Golden
Kim Becker

Research Excellence Award
Awarded to graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in a scholarly or creative thesis or dissertation
Zachary Calhoun
Emily Golden
Debra Young

 Teaching Excellence Award
Awarded to graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in teaching
Zoë Fay-Stindt
Elizabeth Helmick
Ananda Muhammad
Molly Riddell

Speech Communication Ray Dearin Award for Academic Excellence
In recognition of a speech communication major who exhibits the strongest academic record within the major
Megan Pezley

Speech Communication Demosthenes Outstanding Speaker Award
In recognition of a student’s exceptional achievement as a public speaker in speech communication courses
Amanda Ortiz-Pellot 

Speech Communication Quintilian Award for Campus Leadership
In recognition of a student with exceptional leadership in teaching Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Madison Mason

Richard Caplan Sketch Prize
Awarded to authors in three genres—poetry, fiction, and nonfiction—whose work represents the strongest writing in each genre to be published in Sketch magazine
Talon Delaney (poetry)
Josephine Wickman (fiction)
Trinity Jones (nonfiction)

Herta David Scholarship in English
Awarded to Iowa State undergraduates majoring in English
Selma Hasan
Droste Hennings
Mackenzie Vogt
Hannah Yetter

Paul L. & Carolyn Errington Award
In recognition of academic excellence, clarity, and effectiveness in expository writing related to environmental literary criticism
Natalie Deam

Aubrey E. Galyon Scholarship
Awarded to an undergraduate senor or M.A. student ready to begin work toward a Ph.D. in literature, linguistics, or rhetoric
Molly Riddell

Pearl Hogrefe Grants in Creative Writing
Awarded to graduate students who show extraordinary promise in creative writing
Natalie Deam
Benjamin DuBow
Zoë Fay-Stindt

Pearl Hogrefe First-Year Student Scholarship in Creative Writing
In recognition of a first-year student whose work exemplifies promise or talent in one of the genres of creative writing
Jaylyn Schakel

Pearl Hogrefe Sophomore Scholarship in Creative Writing
In recognition of an original and imaginative use of language and future promise in creative writing
Daniel Barzilay
Andrew Nguyen
Mariana (Mari) Russo
Monica Toro

Pearl Hogrefe Junior Scholarship in Creative Writing
In recognition of outstanding originality, an unusual perspective, and a unique voice in creative writing
Valentine Chenus
Danielle Frey
Sam Huhn
Brenden Patterson

Pearl Hogrefe Senior Scholarship in Creative Writing
In recognition of outstanding originality, an unusual perspective, and a unique voice in creative writing
Lauren Jahn
Trinity Jones
T. Sebastian Langenberg
Nicole Young

Freda Huncke Endowment Award
Awarded to undergraduate students majoring in English who demonstrate academic excellence and expository writing ability
Bobbie Buie
McKenna Flood
Peyton Hamel
Taylor Heuthorst
Ryan Phillips
Morgan Thieman

Quentin G. Johnson Award
Awarded to an undergraduate senior or a graduate student who has a strong academic record and shows promise in the study of linguistics
Emily Dux Speltz

W. Paul Jones Scholarship
In recognition of scholarly excellence in rhetoric and professional communication
Ma-aruf Al-hassan

Will C. Jumper Scholarship
Awarded to Iowa State undergraduate students who demonstrate excellence in poetry writing
Selma Hasan
Elizabeth (Liz) Jones
Samantha Mori

Pamela Henry Lassahn Scholarship in Technical Communication
Awarded to an undergraduate student majoring in technical communication with a minor or designated area of concentration  in a technical or scientific field
Gwenyth Davis

James and Rachel Lowrie Family Awards
In recognition of a junior or senior whose oral and written performance in English courses demonstrates outstanding growth, perception, and capability in the study of literature
Daphne Brewer
Piper Carroll
India Robinson
Mariana (Mari) Russo
Hannah Van Sickle

Kurt Moody Creative Writing Award
Given in honor of Kurt Moody to Iowa State undergraduate students who demonstrate excellence in creative writing
Sophie Byroade
Lydia Samuelson
Morrgan Zmolek

Albert L. Walker Excellence-in-English Award
Awarded to two undergraduate students (one English major and one non-English major) and one graduate student who show demonstrated ability in the study of literature
Isabella Main (English major)
Jordan Van Gerpen (non-English major)
Allya Yourish (graduate)

Richard R. Wright Award
In recognition of academic excellence and demonstrated ability in expository writing
Ella Alhudithi