Ananda Muhammad awarded a Graduate Student Research Grant

Photo of Ananda Muhammad and "Awarded a Graduate Student Research Grant

Congratulations Ananda Muhammad!

Below is her dissertation title and a brief description of the study:

Designing an interaction-oriented diagnostic assessment of L2 pragmatic competence: An evidence-centered design approach

This dissertation study seeks to develop an empirically based diagnostic assessment of L2 pragmatic competence, the ability to recognize and express communicative functions effectively and appropriately in context, in the U.S. university setting. This study seeks to contribute theoretically to the field of L2 pragmatics assessment through its in-depth treatment of the domain investigation, use of technology-mediated semi-direct speaking tasks to elicit features of discourse interaction, and analysis of interactional features at different levels of pragmatic proficiency. The study also has direct practical use for ESL teachers and students in ESL courses that target the development of academic oral communication and pronunciation skills.