New TA Q&A: Collet & Dehghanian

CATEGORIES: Foundation Courses
Carina Collet Fatemeh Dehghanian

What do you wish your students knew about you?

Carina: I wish that my students knew how much I enjoy it when they stop by my office hours!
Fatemeh: I am more playful than they are!


What one word would your students use to describe you?

Carina: Hopefully “passionate”
Fatemeh: Caring, Kind, Expressive


What’s something your students have taught you this semester?

Carina: My students are always teaching me something. Last week, they taught me that Punxsutawney Phil only has a 39% success rate.
Fatemeh: How enjoyable collective growth is


What one teaching tool will we always find you with?

Carina: I have daily positivity cards in my office, and I always take one with me to class.
Fatemeh: Ornamented powerpoints with lots of pics


If you could share one sentence of advice with new instructors, what would it be?

Carina: Expect to make mistakes and practice handling them with grace. If you correct it, but don’t dwell on it, your students won’t dwell on it, either.
Fatemeh: Patience.


What’s something you are passionate about (outside of ISUCOMM)?

Carina: I am passionate about running! I’ve completed two marathons, and I hope to run many more!
Fatemeh: Painting, Sports, Nature, Feminism, Visual Arts, Architecture, Animals


What has been your favorite assignment to teach in ENGL 150 or 250?

Carina: I enjoy the multimodal design project–it allows me to see a different side of my students.
Fatemeh: multimodal project


What is your most frequently used emoji?

Carina: 😂
Fatemeh: 😊


If you had your own late-night talk show, who would you invite as your first guest?

Carina: Adam Driver
Fatemeh: My friends


If you had to sing karaoke, what song would you pick?

Carina: Taylor Swift’s “Cowboy Like Me”
Fatemeh: Definitely something by Lana Del Rey


In the next newsletter, what question do you want us to ask your colleagues, and how would you answer it?

Carina: What do you order at a coffee shop?My answer would be a hot matcha tea latte!
Fatemeh: Strategies for managing personal and academic life, more information on joining clubs and communities in ISU, projects to be done for the community and ISU