150/250 Student Showcase Nominations Due April 7

CATEGORIES: Foundation Courses

We would like to take the opportunity to recognize excellent student work! ENGL 150 and 250 instructors and students are invited to submit an example of work for the ISUComm Foundation Courses Student Showcase. Winners will receive a certificate, a $50 award, and recognition at the spring English Department Awards.

Who is eligible? All English 150 and 250 students. Students can self-nominate or be nominated by a peer or instructor.

When are nominations due? Nominations should be submitted by Friday, April 7th. Our review committee will evaluate all submissions in the spring, and award winners will be notified before the annual English Department Awards ceremony.

How do I submit a nomination? Submit student contact information, a file upload or link to an assignment for either English 150 or 250, and a brief nomination statement to this Qualtrics survey. Submissions can be text or multimodal (essays, presentations, designs). Please contact Amy Walton with any questions.