NEW TA Q&A with Caitlin Moran and Kristen Neumann

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Caitlin Moran
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Kristen Neumann
















1. What do you wish your students knew about you?

Caitlin Moran, MA, RCPC: I wish students knew that I’m learning as much from them as they are from me.

Kristen Neumann, PhD, RPC: I wish they knew how much I am rooting for them.


2. What one word would your students use to describe you?

Caitlin: Passionate!

Kristen: Relatable. 


3. What’s something your students have taught you this semester?

Caitlin: I hope students teach me how they best learn so that I can improve my teaching for other students down the line.

Kristen: They’ve taught me how important teachers can be as humans in their lives.


4. What one teaching tool will we always find you with?

Caitlin: I always have my iPad on hand because I write my lesson plans in it.

Kristen: My emotional support water bottle.


5. If you could share one sentence of advice with newer teachers, what would it be?

Caitlin: You know more than you think you do!

Kristen: I would still classify myself as a “newer” teacher but I think one of the most important things for me has been acting confident even when I’m not feeling confident.


6. What’s something you are passionate about (outside of ISUCOMM)?

Caitlin: I’m really passionate about creative writing and weightlifting–dorky and strong is the way to go.

Kristen: I’m really passionate about the outdoors. I love camping, canoeing, and backpacking.


7. What has been your favorite assignment to teach in ENGL 150 or 250/what are you excited to teach in ENGL 150 or 250?

Caitlin: I’m looking forward most to the Personal Narrative assignment in ENGL 150.

Kristen: I hadn’t previously taught ENGL 150 or 250 but I’ve taught the personal narrative unit before in other courses and I really enjoyed what students were willing to share with me.


8. What is your most frequently used emoji?

Caitlin: 🤠 💅

Kristen: 😆


9. If you had your own late-night talk show, who would you invite as your first guest?

Caitlin: Fran Lebowitz!

Kristen: Emma Watson


10. If you had to sing karaoke, what song would you pick?

Caitlin: My karaoke song would be “Downtown” by Macklemore–only because my girlfriend has played it so much in the car that I know all the lyrics by heart, albeit against my will.

Kristen: “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift