New TA Q&A

CATEGORIES: Foundation Courses
Danilo Calle Londono
Hannah Reischaeur











Danilo Calle Londono, MA, TESL/AL

Hannah Reischaeur, MA, TESL/AL

 What do you wish your students knew about you?

Danilo: I am passionate about language and teaching. I enjoy conversations about animals and movies.
Hannah: I wish my students knew how much I care about their success. Every activity we do and every paper I grade, I am thinking of how these details will aid them In their future plans.


What one word would your students use to describe you?

Danilo: Facilitator.
Hannah: Honest.


What’s something your students have taught you this semester?

Danilo: Energy is contagious.
Hannah: This semester, my students have taught me that life can be difficult, but things can always be negotiated or adjusted to keep everyone healthy and productive.


What one teaching tool will we always find you with?

Danilo: Dialogue.
Hannah: Attendance questions


If you could share one sentence of advice with newer teachers, what would it be?

Danilo: You will be seen as an authority when you demonstrate kindness and respect to your students.
Hannah: All you can do Is your best and It Is okay If you don’t reach or help every single student.


What’s something you are passionate about (outside of ISUCOMM)?

Danilo: Boxing and animals.
Hannah: I am passionate about the benefits of outdoor education and am the President of the board of directors for the nonprofit outdoor education center that my family owns and operates, Threshold Learning Center.


What are you excited to teach in 150/250?

Danilo: I’m excited about facilitating communities of learning.
Hannah: I am excited to encourage students to allow their own voice to come through In their writing, no matter the genre.


What is your most frequently used emoji?

Danilo: xD


If you had your own late-night talk show, who would you invite as your first guest?

Danilo: Daniel Coronel (one of the best independent journalists in South America.
Hannah: I would invite Taylor Swift because I know that Interview would get the most views. I also would like to ask her honest questions.


If you had to sing karaoke, what song would you pick?

Danilo: Miguel Gritar. “Cuarteto de nos”
Hannah: “Bubbly”