Katie Fulton


Office:435 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA


Courses I am Teaching

  • SP CM 312: Business and Professional Speaking
  • ENGL 302: Business Communication
  • ENGL 314: Technical Communication
  • ENGL 250: Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Communication


M.A. English, Iowa State University, 2009
B.A. English, Iowa State University, 2007

About My Teaching

Communication skills often fall under the umbrella of “soft” skills, but I consider them essential skills. When students become more effective communicators, they develop other skills that can benefit them both professionally and personally. In my classes, we focus on different genres and purposes for communication, and we also focus on cultivating self-awareness, confidence, resilience, and willingness to communicate.

How I came to Teach Speech Communication and Composition

Originally, I entered graduate school because I wanted to teach literature and writing. However, due to my background in rhetorical studies as an undergraduate, my first teaching experience was as a teaching assistant for Speech Communication 212. I gained an appreciation for how much students have to benefit from their speech coursework, not just academically, but also personally, as they learn to own their unique voices in the world.

Outside of the University

I have a variety of hobbies and interests that I like to explore. In my free time, you might find me cooking or dining out, or practicing guitar. After grad school, I decided to try to get back to reading for fun, and I love a good thriller or mystery novel. I’m an avid exerciser and enjoy hiking, and most of my travel is centered around a beautiful place where I can hit the trails, especially national parks. I’ve visited Mt. Rainier, Rocky Mountain, Acadia, Olympic, and Grand Teton, with many more on my list to look forward to in the future.