Shalini Singh


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Shalini Singh is a multigenre writer and MFA candidate from India in the Creative Writing & Environment program at ISU. She is the Miller scholarship recipient and the Fellow for Creative Writing & Environment, 2022-23. She holds a bachelor’s & Master's degree in Laws. Before she was a corporate and civil litigation lawyer, she has been an ardent reader and reviewing books for National and International publishing houses, journaling her journeys, writing prose poetry, experimenting with hybrid genres.

In her last stint with the Ministry in New Delhi, India, Shalini decided to pursue her goal for giving herself the gift of time and community, yearning for mentors she has read and cherished. Having travelled extensively in India, Shalini has taught underprivileged kids and students from various Classes since a long time now. Her writing is focused on whatever strikes a chord with her in the moment as Shalini believes in writing less but living more to be able to write. Having written on themes that revolve around environmental justice; disappeared and disappearing people; macrocosm & microcosm, latent patterns in society; rituals that are lost, pareidolia, landscapes, disregarded facets of human lives, Shalini wishes to explore the natural bounty, trekking, camping, harvesting food, binge watching shows, working with brands, meeting like minded people.

Shalini has been Longlisted by The Bombay Review as 20 Under 30 South Asian Writers for Fiction 2021-22. Nominated for Pushcart 2022 and won the Verse of Silence Poetry Contest 2021. She is now editing Fiction and Poetry for Taco Bell Quarterly, Reading for Best of the Net, 2023. Some of her works have been published in The Nation, Outlook India, The Good Men Project, Tofu Ink Press, The Spectacle, Dreginald, LitGleam, The Metaworker, and Spectrum.