Fellowships and Scholarships


Freda Huncke Endowment Graduate Teaching Fellowship

The Freda Huncke Endowment Graduate Teaching Fellowships were established to enable excellent new students to develop teaching expertise and get a solid start on academics when beginning one of our graduate programs in the English Department. Preference is given to new students whose teaching experience is judged excellent by supervisors or faculty recommenders or whose potential for excellence in teaching is evident in their application files. Recipients are chosen by the Graduate Admissions Committee of the ISU English Department in cooperation with the graduate faculty in our graduate programs.

These fellowships provide selected students with an award equivalent to teaching the equivalent of one course reducing their teaching load during their first year in the program. Recipients receive the same benefits as other graduate assistants, including tuition scholarships and the same stipend level as other teaching assistants teaching a full load. The fellowship, teaching, and graduate coursework at Iowa State University should constitute the student’s full-time occupation during the fellowship semester.

Pearl Hogrefe Fellowship in Creative Writing

Pearl Hogrefe Fellowship in Creative Writing offers a talented writer one academic year to study creative writing full time at Iowa State University and focus on his/her creative work without distraction.


F. Wendell Miller Scholarship Program

Miller Scholarships are for new highly talented students, either domestic or from around the world. They are awarded to programs by the ISU Graduate College based on an annual application process. Recipients selected by these programs receive funding with earnings from a $27 million estate bequeathed equally to Iowa State University and the University of Iowa by F. Wendell Miller, an attorney and farm manager from Rockwell City.

Tuition scholarships

For tuition purposes, all graduate assistants are assessed tuition equal to resident tuition rates. English Department graduate students holding 1/2 (or greater) assistantship appointments receive tuition scholarships at the level determined by the Graduate College (75% MA, 100% MFA, and 100% PhD during the academic year; the same percentage levels apply in summer according to the number of enrolled credits).  Students on at least 1/4-time assistantship appointments receive half of the standard tuition scholarship benefit (37.5% MA, 50% MFA, and 50% PhD).