Program of Study and Committee (POSC) Form

All graduate students are to submit their Degree Planning Sheet (DPS) and other appropriate department POS documentation forms, at the same time as submitting the electronic Graduate College POSC Form in AccessPlus according to the following English Department graduate program deadlines (does not include counting summer semesters):

September 25, 2024 (Wed) for those due in Fall 2024
February 20, 2025 (Thurs) for those due in Spring 2025

  • 2nd semester of coursework for MA program graduate assistants (GAs)
    (or non-GA MA students upon completion of 9 POS credit hours)
  • 4th semester of coursework for MFA program graduate assistants (GAs)
    (or non-GA MFA students upon completion of 27 POS credit hours)
  • 5th semester of coursework for PhD program graduate assistants (GAs)
    (or non-GA PhD students upon completion of 36 POS credit hours)


Graduate Assistantship Applications for 2025-26
(current student requests for new appointments, reassignments, and extensions)

(If you currently have a graduate assistantship with the English Department and have remaining semesters of eligibility after the spring semester at the end of the academic year, you do not have to reapply.)

Deadline—January 15, 2025

Downloadable PDF document of application requirements in links to online submissions


ALT Examinations Committee 2024-25


RPC Examinations Committee 2024-25



PhD Portfolio Submissions

All portfolios are due by 11:59pm (midnight) on the announced deadlines below.

Fall 2024Spring 2025
ALT (4th sem)1st submission / January 21, 2025 (Tues due to Mon Holiday) by 11:59pm (midnight)
2nd submission / April 7, 2025 (Mon) by 11:59pm (midnight; if required)
RPC (3rd sem; 4th sem if admitted with bachelor's degree)November 8, 2024 (Fri) by 11:59pm (midnight)March 3, 2025 (Mon) by 11:59pm (midnight)


PhD Annual Reviews

All ALT and RPC doctoral students must complete Annual Reviews each year by the following deadlines according to the procedures and forms downloadable on the graduate program Forms website.

Spring 2025
ALT April 1, 2025
RPCApril 1, 2025