University Requirement for C or Better in English 250

  • The university requirement of C or better in English 250 went into effect with the Fall 2018 (2018-2019 ISU Catalog).
  • This requirement does not apply to students who entered ISU under prior catalog years.

Below is the Catalog in Effect policy from the current ISU Catalog (2019-2020). The statement about “enrollment” is interpreted to be enrollment at any college/university after graduation from high school.

A student may choose to graduate under the catalog in effect at the time of graduation or a catalog for the previous five years, provided it covers a period of the student’s enrollment. Full requirements of the chosen catalog must be met except that adjustments will be made in instances where courses are no longer available or where programs have been changed.

  • Transfer students who have taken English 250 at another college/university prior to coming to ISU, will have their 250 transfer credit requirement fall under the ISU catalog of the term they took 250 at that college/university (e.g., if student took English 250 equivalent at DMACC Fall 2016, 2016-2017 would be the ISU catalog year.
  • Student must retake English 250 if they fail to receive a C or better grade. No exceptions.

If you have any further questions about this university requirement, please contact your College Student Services Director.