Academic Advising


For general information about the English major or for assistance with degree planning, contact the English advisers below.

  • Christiana Langenberg, Literary Studies, Creative Writing Emphasis, Ross 343, 294-1655,
  • Michelle Tremmel, English Education Emphasis, Ross 347, 294-9780,
  • Samantha Robinson-Adams, Rhetorical Studies Emphasis, Ross 313, 294-5206,


For information on the Linguistics major, contact the Linguistics adviser below.

Speech Communication and Communication Studies

For information on the Speech Communication or the Communication Studies major, contact the the adviser below.

  • Connie Ringlee, Speech Communication or Communication Studies, Ross 307, 294-3425,

 Technical Communication

For information on the Technical Communication major, contact the the adviser below.

  • Samantha Robinson-Adams, Technical Communications, Ross 313, 294-5206,