MA in English



Our comprehensive MA in English provides:

We prepare students interested in pursuing a PhD, area teachers seeking advanced coursework, and individuals interested in attaining research skills. Our students present at conferences, earn teaching and research awards, and some publish prior to graduation.

Funding and financial support
In recent years, we have been able to support nearly every student who has sought funding. Our teaching assistantships are among the best in the Big XII conference with generous stipends, and our incoming students participate in a research apprenticeship program where each is mentored by a faculty member. Our department also offers travel money to graduate students who present at conferences.

Supportive mentoring
Active scholars and award-winning teachers, our faculty are dedicated to one-on-one mentoring and to supporting students in achieving their own scholarly and professional goals.

Breadth of coursework
Graduate students study a full range of literary periods and topics that range from Chaucer and Shakespeare to contemporary environmental and postcolonial literature.

Our program brings together large state university opportunities with the support and dedication of an intimate, welcoming program.