5.1 About the Concurrent Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs

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5.1 About the Concurrent Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs

Several graduate degree programs allow qualified ISU juniors and seniors to apply to pursue a bachelor’s and graduate credential concurrently. Students in concurrent status must be making good progress toward a bachelor’s degree. The minimum requirements for admission to concurrent student status are the same as those required for admission to the Graduate College. Other aspects of concurrent status include:

  • Official enrollment and fee payment will be as a graduate student.
  • The graduate credential will be awarded at the same time or after the undergraduate degree is conferred.
  • Students may be appointed to graduate research assistantships.
  • With approval of a student’s Program of Study (POS) committee, up to 6 ISU credits taken while in concurrent status may be applied to a bachelor’s degree and a graduate credential that requires up to 41 credits.