5.1 About the Concurrent BA and MA Degree Programs

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5.1 About the Concurrent BA and MA Degree programs

Several graduate degree programs allow qualified ISU juniors and seniors to apply to pursue a bachelor’s and graduate credential concurrently. Students in concurrent status must be making good progress toward a bachelor’s degree. The minimum requirements for admission to concurrent student status are the same as those required for admission to the Graduate College. Other aspects of concurrent status include:

  • Official enrollment and fee payment will be as a graduate student.
  • The graduate credential will be awarded at the same time or after the undergraduate degree is conferred.
  • Students may be appointed to graduate research assistantships.
  • With approval of a student’s Program of Study (POS) Committee, up to 6 ISU credits taken while in concurrent status may be applied to a bachelor’s degree and a graduate credential that requires up to 41 credits. For master’s degree programs that require at least 42 credits, students may instead, with POS committee approval, count up to 12 such ISU credits.
  • For students pursuing a concurrent bachelor’s degree and graduate certificate, with POS committee approval, up to 3 or 6 credits may be double counted when the certificate requires 15 or 18 credits or more, respectively. No double counting is permitted for certificates that require fewer than 15 credits.