1.1 Graduate Program Resources

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1.1.1 Graduate Program Administrative Assistant (GPAA)

The Graduate Program Administrative Assistant (227 Ross Hall, englgrad@iastate.edu) keeps records of your progress to degree. It is especially important to notify the GPAA of any changes that should be noted for our records in the department and regularly update your information in AccessPlus for the Registrar’s Office records.

You should be able to answer most questions regarding your degree program requirements by consulting this Graduate Program of Study Manual, other areas of the English Department Graduate Studies website, and the Graduate College Handbook. Please check these resources first. Your next contact should be your assigned program advisor or major professor before you contact the GPAA.

1.1.2 Important graduate program resources

The resources below will help you as you progress through your degree program. It is your responsibility as the student to know program policies, degree requirements, deadlines, etc.