Transfer Credit Policies

Students who believe their transfer credit may be equivalent to our SPCM 2120: Fundamentals of Public Speaking must provide the ISUComm Speech Communication office (Deanna Stumbo– with the following:

If needed, students may also be required to supply all major speeches composed for the course.

The Public Speaking Director will review the information provided to determine whether the course can be used in place of SPCM 2120.

Please Note: 

  • Transfer credit must be earned from an accredited English-speaking college or university in the United States. Students who plan to study abroad may not transfer credit for SPCM 2120 from an institution in a country where English is not the first and main language spoken.
  • Transfer course evaluations will only be reviewed once the student has started attending Iowa State University and after the course has been successfully completed.
  • Please allow at least two weeks for a response to a transfer course review.