Advanced Communication Test-Out Procedures

English 3020 & 3140 Test-Outs

University policy states that students may attempt a test-out for a course only once. Department eligibility requirements state that students must be at least juniors and must have completed (not just be finishing) English 150 and 250 (English 1500 and 2500 starting Fall 2024). They may not be enrolled in the course at the time.

Test-out exams for English 3020 and 3140 are offered early in the semester, during spring and fall terms. The ISU Test Center administers the test-outs.

The test itself lasts up to two and a half hours, and students will take the exam in an ISU Test Center computer lab. Administrators and instructors from the Advanced Communication program evaluate the tests. All parts of the test must receive a satisfactory rating for students to earn T (test-out) credit. Within six weeks after the exam, students and their advisors will receive an email message notifying them of the results.