MFA Alumni

Recent Alumni

  • Logan Adams (2013)
    Project Title:  Tethers
    After graduation:  Senior Content Editor, THE GARAGE, Burnsville, Minnesota
  • Catherine Bascom (2017)
    Project Title:  On green stuff woven
    After graduation:  Continue as Assistant Professor, Waldorf University, Forest City, Iowa
  • Nicholas Bogdanich (2015)
    Project Title:  Inflatable castles
  • William Bonfiglio (2016)
    Project Title:  “The Year Of” and “A Statement”
    After graduation:  Lecturer, English Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • Taylor Brorby (2017)
    Project Title:  Scoria: Prose and poetry
    After graduation:  Emerging Writer Fellow, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • Meghan Brown (2015)
    Project Title:  Animal people
  • Iza Bruen-Morningstar (2019)
    Project Title: Shrike
    After graduation: Avian field biologist, UC Davis, Davis, California
  • Danielle Buchanan (2019)
    Project Title: Baby, let go
  • Sarah Burke (2013)
    Project Title:  Blueprints
  • Corrie Byrne (2013)
    Project Title:  The obituary writer
    After graduation: Online tutor for international students, Up Education, Portland, Oregon
  • Corrina Carter (2016)
    Project Title:  Talus: A mustang’s story
  • Pedro Xavier Cavazos (2013)
    Project Title: La Habana
    After graduation: Publisher, Ice Cube Press, Diamond Glove Slave Tree
  • Renee Christopher (2019)
    Project Title: Conjured Light
  • Chloe Clark (2016)
    Project Title: Salty over the shoulder
    After graduation:  Lecturer, English Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • Lindsay D’Andrea (2014)
    Project Title:  The garden of open mouths
  • Kristen Daily (2017)
    Project Title:  One half for me / the other for you
    After graduation:  Grants Associate, Des Moines Art Center
  • Michelle Donahue (2015)
    Project Title:  City of voices: A novel about ancient Tikal
  • Robert Evans (2013)
    Project Title:  The unearthed
  • Samantha Futhey (2016)
    Project Title:  Subdivision
  • Elizabeth Giorgi (2016)
    Project Title:  Skin maps
    After graduation:  Lecturer, English Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • Matthew Glasgow (2018)
    Project Title:  Deciduous qween
    After graduation:  Writer-in-Residence, Writers in the Schools, Houston, Texas
  • Elizabeth Hamilton-Poore (2017)
    Project Title:  Mourningwood
  • Meghann Hart (2017)
    Project Title:  Kentucky ghostscapes: Stories
  • Laura Hitt (2018)
    Project Title:  Skinned: A collection of linked stories
  • Emily Horner (2019)
    Project Title: Blackthorn City
  • Joel Nathanael Hughes (2018)
    Project Title:  Field notes from an infalling observer, unidentified inquiry / Unknown wave, sequence_(8)
    After graduation:  Master of Arts in Graphic Design, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • Ana Hurtado (2017)
    Project Title:  Ashes at noon
    After graduation:  Teacher, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador
  • Geetha Iyer (2014)
    Project Title:  Auditions for the volunteer mission to Mars
  • Claire Kortyna (2017)
    Project Title:  Things gathered, things fallen
  • Claire Kruesel (2015)
    Project Title:  The grace of their breakage
    After graduation:  Lecturer, English Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • Renee LeClaire (2017)
    Project Title:  The danger is to the body
  • Zachary Lisabeth (2019)
    Project Title: Shattered: The girl who woke the moon
    After graduation: Writer at Lisabeth Creative
  • John Linstrom (2013)
    Project Title:  Havening
    After graduation:  Editor, Liberty Hyde Bailey’s “The Holy Earth: The Birth of a New Land Ethic” Centennial Edition
  • Carolyn Lovaas (2014)
    Project Title:  H
  • Audrey McCombs (2016)
    Project Title:  Servants of the rice
  • Lydia Melby (2014)
    Project Title:  We are all here
  • Jenna Mertz (2018)
    Project Title:  Prefab modular homes, nightgames and Lake Tilson
    After graduation:  Assistant Director, Writing and Media Center, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • Camille Meyers (2017)
    Project Title:  Our animal anatomy
  • Ebonesiah Morrow (2018)
    Project Title:  Saltwater: A novel in verse
  • Andrew Payton (2014)
    Project Title:  Blasting at the Big Ugly: A novel
    After graduation:  Fulbright Fellowship teaching English, Svidnik, Slovak Republic
  • Nathan Pillman (2013)
    Project Title:  Turbines
  • Janis Rodgers (2012)
    Project Title: The lightning came closer
  • Erin Schmiel (2016)
    Project Title:  The heart of ecology
    After graduation:  Lecturer, English Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • Melissa Sevigny (2013)
    Project Title:  Mythical river: Encounters with water in the American Southwest
  • Eric Sims-Brown (2014)
    Project Title:  The panic
    After graduation:  Freelance writer
  •  Kelly Slivka (2017)
    Project Title:  A long time growing up
  • Eric Stone (2019)
    Project Title: Animal joy
  • Shelby Rae Stringfield (2019)
    Project Title: the words we cannot say
  • Tegan Swanson (2014)
    Project Title:  Things we found when the water went down
  • Dana Thomann (2016)
    Project Title:  Erratics
  • Lindsay Tigue (2014)
    Project Title:  System of ghosts
  • Stefanie Trout (2015)
    Project Title:  Call it Eden: A novel
    After graduation:  Co-editor, Prairie Gold: An Anthology of the American Heartland; Ice Cube Press
  • Phoebe Wagner (2018)
    Project Title:  Strange stars
    After graduation:  PhD in English Literature, University of Nevada-Reno, Reno, Nevada
  • J. Megan White (2013)
    Project Title:  Renovations and revolutions: A cultural history of architecture in Virginia
  • Bronté Wieland (2018)
    Project Title:  The gardens below, or sundown
  • Christopher Wiewiora (2014)
    Project Title:  The distance is an ocean
  • Adam Wright (2016)
    Project Title:  The seed speaker