Current English MA Students

Erika Bach

Graduate Assistant-Teaching [ENGL]

Erika Bach is a first year MA student majoring in English with a specialization in literature. She did her undergraduate work at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa where she graduated with honors and was inducted into the National English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Erika’s academic interests include 19th and 20th century U.S. literature. Specifically, post civil war literature, African-American literature stemming from the civil rights movement, and the Southern gothic genre. Erika currently teaches English 150 and looks forward to teaching English 250 with the theme of “Monsters.”

Nik Chartrand

Graduate Student [ENGL]

Nik Chartrand is a first year MA English Literature student and an English 150 teaching assitant. She graduated from the University of North Dakota in 2018 with a BA in English Literature, and a Certificate of Editing and Publishing. Her current research interests include postcolonial literature and the transnational novel. Specifically, she is interested in the psychology of the colonized and as a person of both European and Aboriginal Canadian descent, she is intrigued by the liminal state of transnationalism. Nik is currently the MA representative for the Graduate Studies Committee.

Tiffany Eide

Graduate Assistant-Teaching [D S O]

Tiffany Eide is a master’s student in the Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication program, and is obtaining a co-major in English Literature. Before attending Iowa State University, she received her Bachelor of Arts in: Media & Journalism: Strategic Communication, English, and History. She then spent two years working in the television and news industry as a creative services producer.

Currently, Tiffany is an instructor for the SpCm 212: Fundamentals of Public Speaking course. She also works as a Communications Consultant for Iowa State’s Writing and Media Center. A worshiper of multiple masks, her areas of interest spread out across academic disciplines—settling mainly in areas such as social advocacy, advertising, film theory, absurdist literature, rhetorical theory, Victorianism, visual communication, digital media, and the historical contexts of war and propaganda.

Ryan Everett

Graduate Assistant [ENGL]

Ryan Everett is a product of Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2007 and went onto to Wartburg College, where he earned a BA in Secondary English Education. Since, he has long-term subbed for several years at Hoover and East High Schools and taught middle school English and Lang. Arts at Bergman Academy in Des Moines. He is pursuing an MA in English from Iowa State University in his never-ending pursuit to teach.

Ryan enjoys spending free time with family and friends, listening to music (talk to me), biking, veggie gardening, hammocking, reading, eating, drinking, and the occasional poem. He has found some combination of any number of these things works best.

He is eagerly looking forward to working with all members Cyclone Nation, specifically those with a genuine interest in progressing the human consciousness in an attempt to better the world!

Brad Grout

Graduate Student [ENGL]

Brad Grout is an MA student in the English Literature program at Iowa State.

Emily Grzywacz

Graduate Student [ENGL]

Emily Grzywacz graduated Summa Cum Laude from Iowa State University in 2017 with a B.S. in Sociology/Criminology and a B. A. in English. She returned to Iowa State for her graduate studies and is currently a first-year Master in English Literature student. Her research interests include but are not limited to fantasy and its lack of representation and consideration in the literary canon and academia. More specifically she is fascinated with trees, vampirism, and hauntings and their incorporation in literary texts. She also expresses interest in current Young Adult Fiction. Emily is an instructor for English 150. She enjoys getting to know her students, finding new and engaging ways to immerse her students in compositional topics, and expanding her pedagogical knowledge through experience, peers, and ISU instructors. Emily is quite literally obsessed with Harry Potter, which explains her fascination with the fantasy genre.

Mariah McGuire

Graduate Student [ENGL]

Mariah McGuire graduated summa cum laude with an Honors degree from Iowa State University with a Bachelor's in English and International Studies.  She is currently a second year student in MA program in English Literature. Her research interests focus primarily on Victorian literature, specifically with an emphasis on feminism and criminality. Mariah teaches ENGL 250 and enjoys working closely with her students, colleagues, and instructors, and is more likely than not to bring up unrelated facts about serial killers in every conversation. Her current projects revolve around Victorian and Neo-Victorian murderesses, as well as Sweeney Todd and cultural cannibalism.

She has lived in Ames effectively her whole life, and can tell you pretty much anything you’d like to know about the area. She can help you find out where the best place to eat is, what activities there are in the Ames-Des Moines area, what local schools are like, the best places to to shop for inexpensive fashionable clothes, and how to navigate the town. She also takes in an inhumane amount of books, TV shows, and podcasts.

Courtney Reeves

Graduate Assistant-Teaching [ENGL]

Courtney Reeves is a first year graduate student working on her MA in English. She is currently teaching SP CM 212. She loves being back at ISU learning new things and stretching her knowledge. She is fortunate to have three children who bless her on a daily basis. She loves teaching English and building relationships with her students.

Miles Rothlisberger

Graduate Student [ENGL]

Miles Rothlisberger is an MA in English major with a specialization in Literature, focusing primarily on American New Wave science fiction. At the moment, he is working on a thesis showcasing the environmentalism in Harlan Ellison’s speculative short story collection, Deathbird Stories. Outside of experience in writing about literature, Miles holds a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and he’s put in four years of campus newspaper and satire writing under his belt. When he’s not neck-deep in his own thoughts, Miles can be found in his apartment sinking further into his thoughts or in his office, Landscape Architecture 5.

Meredith Smith-Lane

Graduate Student [ENGL]

Meredith Smith-Lane holds a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from the University of Nebraska, and a B.A. from Buena Vista University with an English/Art double major. She is currently a second-year student in the Master’s in English Literature program. Her academic work focuses on literature by and about women, particularly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. She is a teaching assistant, instructing undergraduate students in the ISU Comm program. Outside of Iowa State, Meredith is facilitator for two sections of writers’ workshop for the Fort Dodge Public Library. She is a Girl Scout leader and theatre enthusiast, and has worked in theatrical costuming since 2008. She enjoys photography, gardening, and spending time with her two daughters.