Aubrey Simons


Office:3608 Glover Ave
Des Moines IA


Aubrey Simons is a California transplant to Iowa, and has indeed experienced winter here! She studied at Santiago Canyon College and Cal State University Fullerton, earning a BA degree in English and graduating Summa Cum Laude.

She pursued secondary education as a career path (yes, she had her wits about her at the time), and has spent the past 6 years educating middle and high schoolers in the art of literature. She wanted to further her study of literature to support her career goals, and also because she's a nerd and she loves it. Her research interests include the independence cycle in children's literature, gender roles in British lit, and feminist/Marxist theory.

In her spare time, Aubrey hangs out with her husband Rob and their two dogs, Sansa and Colter. She also enjoys rock climbing, painting, and reading and writing poetry.

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