Technical Communication

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Technical Communication Overview

We know. You’ve never heard of “technical communication.” We hear that all the time.

A major in Technical Communication from Iowa State University prepares you to communicate complex technical/scientific details to those who need them. It’s a new(ish) profession, but there’s a growing and consistent demand, and salaries are excellent. As a TComm major, you learn modern communication technologies to create print and electronic documents for use in business, nonprofits, schools, and communities. Coursework for the B.S. helps you to understand scientific and technical information, and teaches you to communicate that information clearly to others. To meet the needs of this rapidly-growing profession, you take courses in the following areas:

Theory and History

By taking theory and history courses for 9 credits, you learn about the theories that help to explain print and online documents, collaboration, organizational activities, and various technologies.

Principles, Practices, & Technologies

You also study principles, practices, and workplace technologies. These classes introduce you to organizational cultures and visual communication while they increase your computer literacy. Technical communication students develop skills in an array of software, equipment, and platforms.


You improve your technical communication skills on the job by enrolling in a semester-long internship, which helps you to develop skills that you cannot learn in the classroom alone.

Concentrated Study in a Technical, Scientific, or Design Field

Taking 6 credits in a related technical, scientific, or design field ensures that you have a specialty to which you can apply your communications. You will design a concentration to meet your career interests and goals in consultation with your advisor.



Recent Alumni

Abby Stauffer

English/Technical Communication
Class of 2019

Maeve McGuire

Technical Communication/Communication Studies
Class of 2021