1.7 Registration

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1.7.1 Registration/Enrollment

Students register and enroll in classes via the student AccessPlus account. You should meet with your assigned Program Advisor or Major Professor in Week 6 or 7 of the semester to discuss course selection for the following semester. Registration begins in Week 9 (see your AccessPlus student account for your assigned start date and time when you may begin to register; these are assigned by the Registrar’s Office system automatically). A late registration fee is assessed for registration initiated on or after the first day of classes for fall and spring terms (not applicable to summer term). You must cancel your registration before the first day of classes in order to avoid tuition and fees assessment. If you decide not to attend classes on the first day of class or later, you must withdraw from the semester. See the Registrar’s Office registration information for more information.

Most schedule changes are made through the first five days of classes using the AccessPlus registration system.  After that, schedule changes and approvals are subject to policies for each time period of the semester.

ISU Tuition and Fees information can be found at https://www.registrar.iastate.edu/fees/.

1.7.2 Registration Reference Numbers

Research Credits (Engl 599 or Engl 699)

Registration reference numbers for Engl 599 or 699 may be obtained from the Graduate Program Administrative Assistant only after the POSC Form is submitted for approval by the Graduate College.

Independent Study (Engl 590)

The appropriate reference number for English 590: Special Topics (Independent Study may be obtained from the Graduate Program Administrative Assistant once the Request for English 590 form is submitted and approved by the DOGE.

1.7.3 Advising/registration holds

Department holds are called “Advising Holds” and are placed on your student class registration for a specific semester by the Graduate Program Administrative Assistant in consultation with the Director of Graduate Education (not by your assigned program advisor or major professor) and will stop you from adding or dropping classes. These are often the result of overdue POS documentation because you have not submitted required program paperwork or the POSC Form in AccessPlus by the deadline. Other types of holds may be placed on your registration by the Graduate College, Accounts Receivable, the Student Health Center, or other University units.

1.7.4 Graduate assistant special registration requirements

GA credit hour load requirement

All English Department graduate majors employed by the English Department as graduate assistants must carry at least 6 credit hours of coursework per semester (excluding summer), 3 of which must be in English Department course offerings. For additional information, please see Section 1.8.3 Graduate Assistantships.

GA credit hour load limit

Graduate assistants normally take no more than 9 credit hours, though the official Graduate College limit imposed is 12 credit hours per semester. Taking an overload of credits is not advised. If you want to take more credits in any given semester (except summer), you must get approval from your assistantship supervisor, your assigned program advisor or major professor, and the Director of Graduate Education. For additional information, please see Section 1.8.4.

1.7.5 Special Registration Courses

Required Registration: Final Exam Only (Gr St 681B)

All graduate students must register during the term of the Final Oral Examination for a minimum of one credit. This can be coursework (POSC Form related or not after final coursework is complete), research/creative component credits, or Required Registration: Final Exam Only (GR ST 681B). Students registered for GR ST 681B are assessed tuition for one credit hour and fees.

Required Registration: GA Enrollment (Gr St 681C)

Any graduate student on a graduate assistantship appointment must be registered during the term in which they are employed and this includes summer term. During the summer term, English Department students may register for GR ST 681C Required Registration: Graduate Assistant Enrollment. Students are assessed tuition for one credit hour and fees and tuition scholarship will be applied equal to the cost of one credit hour.

Required Registration: Doctoral Continuous Registration (Gr St 681A)

Doctoral students who have completed coursework and passed (full or conditional) the preliminary oral examination are required to register each fall and spring term, regardless of whether university facilities, equipment, or staff time are used in person or in absentia. Students register for research credits (699) usually, or they may register for Doctoral Continuous Registration (GR ST 681A) and are assessed tuition for one credit hour and fees. Doctoral students who have passed the preliminary oral examination who fail to register will be registered retroactively at the time of graduation and charged the appropriate fees for all semesters in which they did not register.

Doctoral Post Prelim Continuous Registration (Gr St 680)

Doctoral student who have completed courses and passed (full or conditional) the preliminary oral examination can petition for and be approved to register for GR ST 680 Doctoral Post Prelim Continuous Registration if a temporary lapse in a student’s academic program is required due to military service, medical leave, maternity leave, or personal/family leave. This allows for the assessment of a special minimum fee only. The Graduate College must be petitioned each term before registration will be allowed. See the Graduate College Handbook for more information.