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Evgeny Chukharev and Abram Anders receive a competitive $850,000 NSF grant

Evgeny Chukharev and Abram Anders, in collaboration with their colleagues in the UK and the Netherlands, have been awarded a three-year, $850,000 grant from the NSF for their research project titled “Real-time, biometric, intention-informed scaffolding of source-based writing processes.” This project builds upon the PIs’ prior research, which involved the development of novel biometric technologies … Continue reading Evgeny Chukharev and Abram Anders receive a competitive $850,000 NSF grant

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RPC Fall Colloquium

The RPC area group will host a colloquium event this semester. These events bring us together to showcase and/or discuss the scholarship and intellectual contributions we make. This year, the intent is to highlight graduate students’ scholarship. Two graduate students who are presenting at a conference this semester agreed to share their conference presentations with … Continue reading RPC Fall Colloquium

Wednesday, October 11, 1:10-2:00pm | 0131 Ross Hall
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Director’s Letter

Dear all, As someone who lives by an academic calendar, I usually lose September completely in the rush of starting a new semester, meeting new students, and facing myriad summer-is-over demands on my time and attention. Poof! What happened to September? Where did it go? I’m guessing many of you can relate. This year, I … Continue reading Director’s Letter

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The Everett Casey Nature Reserve Welcome Event

This event is to welcome all members of the English department and get you acquainted with one lovely chunk of Iowa. You are welcome to bring friends from outside the department or the University as well. Our event will be held at Casey on the 22nd of September (next Friday) at 6:30pm. We’ve included instructions on … Continue reading The Everett Casey Nature Reserve Welcome Event

September 22, 2023, 6:30pm | The Everett Casey Nature Reserve
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Spotlight: Get to Know Deanna Stumbo – The Magic Behind ISUComm

In her 37-year tenure with Iowa State University, Deanna Stumbo has become the administrative magician of ISUComm Courses. As the ISUComm Foundation, Advanced, and Speech Communication Staff Assistant, Stumbo’s role deals with the behind-the-scenes work, including communicating with advisors and students, assisting students with adding or dropping courses, maintaining policies, receiving student transfer course evaluations … Continue reading Spotlight: Get to Know Deanna Stumbo – The Magic Behind ISUComm

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ENGL 150: Modeling an interview   To help students prepare for the profile assignment, Ginnia Kovach arranges guests to come to the classroom to be interviewed about their work. The activity’s purpose is to help students understand interview etiquette, craft solid interview questions, approach recording the interview, and take substantial notes. Kovach recommends focusing on … Continue reading UP NEXT IN ENGL 150

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ENGL 250 – Research Project                     For the research project, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Shalini Singh, and Elizabeth Wenger recommend an activity focusing on the process of choosing a strong research topic. The purpose of this activity is to help students learn brainstorming techniques for exploring topics of … Continue reading UP NEXT IN ENGL 250

Graduation Bootcamp for Graduate Students 

This session is held by the Graduate Program Staff of the English Department. It is highly recommended for graduate students who plan to graduate during the current 2023-2024 academic year (fall, spring or summer) and major professors who supervise them.           Date: Wednesday October 4th, 2023         Time: 1:10-2:00 p.m.         Locations: Ross 131  In this session we will go over … Continue reading Graduation Bootcamp for Graduate Students 

Wednesday, October 4, 1:10-2:00pm | Ross Hall Room 131