ENGL 250 Students Work on Service Learning Unit in Learning Community Link with Writing & Gender Studies


Students within the English 250 class taught by Sarah Crosby recently worked with campus groups in service learning projects.

The service learning project was to pick one of three campus groups, which were Green Dot & YSS’ Stork’s Nest, Margaret Sloss Women’s Center & Office of Equal Opportunity, and The SHOP, and then work with some of their classmates and their campus group to fulfill a need on campus. These various projects took place from October 1st to October 19th.

The Green Dot and YSS’ Stork’s Nest groups worked with Jazzmine Brooks, the Violence Prevention and Green Dot Coordinator, and Amy Roback, the Youth Standing Strong and Stork’s Nest Coordinator. The groups worked to create a family planning toolkit that will be used by the YSS Coordinators during home visits to promote community resources and support.

One of the two groups focused their guide on mental health & healthy relationships and the other group focused their guide on community service resources. Both groups presented their guides to Stork’s Nest clients and staff.

The Margaret Sloss Women’s Center and Office of Equal Opportunity groups worked with Dr. Sandra Looft, Director of MSWC, and the Director and Assistant Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity to contribute to ISU’s Consent is BAE (Before Anything Else) campaign.

All three groups conducted two peer interviews per member of the group and used the interview content to complete social media posts or a flyer. One group focused on Facebook posts, another on Twitter posts, and the last group on a flyer.

The SHOP groups worked with The SHOP’s Volunteer Coordinator, Kaitlin Feldmann, and learned about The SHOP and observed the various food pantry and donation locations.

Each of the two groups then created a social media post or a flyer to promote The SHOP, which many students don’t know about.

On October 19th, the student groups gave a poster presentation to their classmates to share information about the organization they worked with, the project they completed, connections to WGS 201 and allyship, and how others can be involved with these groups.

Logan Metzger

English Education Major and

Engl 250 student