ENGL 510 (Intro to Computers in Applied Linguistics) Technology Showcase

CATEGORIES: Department Events
December 11, 2018, 12:00-1:30pm | 212 Ross Hall

The students in Professor Jim Ranalli’s ENGL 510 Introduction to Computer in Applied Linguistics invite you to a showcase of their culminating projects.  Experience hands-on demonstrations of these unique technological creations, which have been 10 weeks in the making.  This year’s eclectic array of projects include:

  • a speech-recognition based safari park adventure for young L2 learners of English
  • an iBook for lower-intermediate level learners of Arabic
  • three multimedia “textbooks” (i.e., sets of interactive online materials) developed In the Top Hat platform to support teaching and learning in (1) an ESL speaking course, (2) an introductory linguistics course, and (3) a foundation communication course.