Mica Meader, senior English, has been published in JUMP+.

Mica’s publication was originally created for English/Speech Comm 275, “Analysis of Popular Culture Texts.”  In her piece, “Environmental Justice in Animal Crossings New Horizons,” viewers get a tour of Mica Meader’s island in Animal Crossing designed to highlight problematic behaviors built into the game—behaviors that drive negative actions for which the player is rewarded. The tour points out the natural features present on the island and provides commentary about the structures within the game, like the ranking system and ease of building and destroying structures, that promote problematic behaviors including deforestation and eco-terrorism.

JUMP+, The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects, is an electronic journal dedicated to providing an outlet for the excellent digital/multimedia projects occurring in undergraduate courses around the globe, and to providing a pedagogical resource for teachers working with (or wanting to work with) “new media.”

Congratulations, Mica!