CATEGORIES: Foundation Courses
Ali Ebrahimpourlighvani
Makenzie Van Maanen













1. What do you wish your students knew about you?

Ali Ebrahimpourlighvani, MA, TESL: My students are my inspiration to follow my dreams.

Makenzie Van Maanen, MA, RCPC: That I am really excited to answer their questions, and I want them to succeed outside of English 150!


2. What one word would your students use to describe you?

Ali: A friend.

Makenzie: Passionate


3. What’s something your students have taught you this semester?

Ali: To be open and vulnerable.

Makenzie: I can learn just as much from them as they are learning from me.

4. What one teaching tool will we always find you with?

Ali: Notebook and my brain.

Makenzie: My notebook and pen.


5. If you could share one sentence of advice with newer teachers, what would it be?

Ali: Don’t choose a side in a class, just listen to your students, and they stand by your side to remember the change you made in their learning journey!

Makenzie: It’s okay if everything doesn’t always go perfectly; we are learning too, just like our students!


6. What’s something you are passionate about (outside of ISUCOMM)?

Ali: Nature and peace!

Makenzie: I am passionate about word puzzles and board games – Rummikub is my favorite!


7. What are you excited to teach in ENGL 150 or 250?

Ali: Assisting technology in their assignments and effective communication.

Makenzie: I’ve really enjoyed teaching the Multimodal Remix, but I’m also looking forward to the Rhetorical Analysis in 250.


8. What is your most frequently used emoji?

Ali: 😎

Makenzie: 🤩


9. If you had your own late-night talk show, who would you invite as your first guest?

Ali: My students.

Makenzie: Machine Gun Kelly


10. If you had to sing karaoke, what song would you pick?

Ali:  “Ayriliq” in my mother tongue, which means Separation.

Makenzie: “1985” by Bowling for Soup