Up Next in ENGL 150/250

CATEGORIES: Foundation Courses
Brenna Dixon

In conjunction with the ISUComm Foundation Courses Program’s February Brown Bag Session, which will focus on practicing mindfulness in the writing classroom, instructor Brenna Dixon has prepared an activity and lesson plan focusing on a broader semester vision for each student; the goal of the activity is to encourage students to address their own mindsets around writing and English classes in a positive, forward-looking way that encouraged them to take ownership of their learning and have confidence that their current strengths could help them achieve their semester goals. This activity also encourages a growth mindset. 

The lesson plan can be applied to both ENGL 150 and ENGL 250, and is encouraged to be facilitated at the midway point of the semester as both a reflective activity and a preparatory practice for the multimodal modules both classes will complete. Included in Brenna Dixon’s lesson plan are:

  • A description of the vision worksheet activity (and how it can be applied to both ENGL 150 and ENGL 250) 
  • A lesson plan/relevant slides
  • A breakdown of the research unit by week
  • The vision worksheet

For all materials for the lesson plan, click here.