First Week of Classes Important Procedures

As you prepare for your classes, please remember the following when it comes to questions about enrollment, classrooms and labs, and email communication:


Students who want you to sign add slips:

Students can add/drop classes themselves on AccessPlus during the first week of classes.  All drops/adds after the first week of classes must be done using the Schedule Change Form (found in Accessplus) with the help of the student’s advisor.  Contact Matthew Sivils for extenuating circumstances.

  • Students insisting on trying to add Engl 150/250 or Engl 302/314 must see Deanna Stumbo (, 229 Ross Hall, 294-3516).
  • Send all other students trying to get into your classes to Stacie Schaefer (, 211 Ross Hall, 294-6229), Christiana Langenberg (, 343 Ross Hall, 294-1655), or Madison Akers (, 115 Hamilton Hall, 294-4353).

Students who want to just “sit in” your classes:

Do NOT allow students to “just sit in” on your classes the first week in the “hopes” that someone will drop. ALL dropping/adding must take place on AccessPlus.

Classrooms and Labs

Classrooms are assigned by a centralized university office, Room Scheduling. Labs are assigned by Stacie Schaefer, who makes reasonable efforts to minimize walking time between classes and distance from office buildings. Re-assignments of classrooms or labs can be processed when there are extenuating circumstances, such as a documented workplace accommodation, a student with an accommodation, a last minute schedule change, or a mistake. Contact Stacie Schaefer when these extenuating circumstances arise.