WebEx Meetings

For those that are off-campus, using their personal devices, or having issues with the overwhelmed Self Service/Software Center servers, you can also download the WebEx Meetings client directly.


You can also download the client directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.


If you are new to WebEX, the Iowa State IT community wants to share some resources with you to help you get started:


Some additional videos on how to use WebEx:


  • Geoff Sauer mentioned that he recommends you adjust your settings to mute the sound of students joining/leaving your meeting.  Not doing so can cause disruptive noise when students have connection problems during synchronous use.  In Modern View, go to Preferences, select Audio and Video, and from the Entry and exit tone drop-down list, select No Tone.  If you schedule a meeting with the Quick Schedule, click Change audio conference and select No Tone.
  • Remember that the university is encouraging Asynchronous videos whenever feasible.  Record videos, have students watch them, then engage with the students through Canvas messaging.