Angela Hakim


513 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


Courses I teach:
  • ENGL 150
  • ENGL 101B
  • Ph.D. Applied Linguistics and Writing Studies, King's College London
  • M.A. Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching, King's College London
  • M.Ed. Education (TESOL), University of Missouri
  • B.A. Political Science and Russian Studies, Oklahoma State University
Research Areas: 

English for Academic Purposes (EAP); writing instructors' pedagogical knowledge, practices, and professional development; models of academic literacy provision in higher education; genre-based writing instruction; English Medium Instruction (EMI)

Recent Publications: 
Hakim, A. (2023). Genre-related episodes: A tutorial for L2 writing teachers. Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, 2(3), 100071.

Hakim, A. (2023). EAP practitioner formation in a low-resource EMI context: Developing an in-house EAP continuing professional development programme in Lebanon. International Journal of English for Academic Purposes: Research and Practice, 3(2).

Hakim, A. (2023). Genre-related episodes as a lens on students’ emerging genre knowledge: Implications for genre-based writing pedagogy, collaborative tasks, and learning materials. Journal of Second Language Writing, 60(1).  

Hakim, A. (2023). Subject lecturers’, EAP tutors’, and students’ perspectives on the implementation of university-wide academic literacy support in an EMI context. Journal of Academic Language and Learning. 17(1), 19-39. Retrieved from

Hakim, A. (2023). Book Review: Genre explained: Frequently asked questions and answers about genre-based instruction by C.M. Tardy, N. A. Caplan & A.M. Johns. Journal of Second Language Writing, 60(1).

Hakim, A. & Wingate, U. (2022). Mapping a way forward: Toward a shared EMI and EAP research agenda. ELT Journal, 76(4), 547-550.
Wingate, U. & Hakim, A. (2022). Moving beyond ‘infancy’: towards a cross-fertilization between EMI and EAP scholarship. ELT Journal, 76(4), 529-537.