Barbara Blakely


Office:409 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA


Courses I am Teaching

English 500: Teaching Multimodal Composition
English 501: Introduction to Research in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication
English 631: Administration and Organization of Multimodal Writing Programs


B.S.E. in English and Secondary Education, Drake University, 1978
M.A. in English, Drake University, 1982
Ph.D. in Education (post-secondary emphasis), Iowa State University, 1999

Research Areas

My areas of interest in research and teaching include ePortfolios and reflection, TA development, place-based curricula, and critical technological literacy. I specialize in qualitative research methodology.

About My Teaching and How I came to Teach what I Teach

I believe strongly in the transformative potential of a 4-year liberal arts education. My parents were both first-generation college students and the effort they devoted to going to college and subsequently leading lives of educators influenced me greatly.

Recent Publications

(note that in March 2007, I re-took my family name: Blakely)

Blakely, Barbara J. “Voicing the E in WOVE: Improving Reflection in ISUComm Foundation Courses.” International Journal of ePortfolio 6.2 (2016): 139-146.

Lutz, Bryan, Barbara Blakely, Kathy Rose, and Thomas Ballard. “Learning and Reflecting with ISUComm ePortfolios: Exploring Technological and Curricular Places.Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. Issue 10 (November 2016).

Blakely, Barbara J. “Pedagogical Technology Experiences of Successful Late-Career Faculty.” College Teaching 63:4 (October 2015): 146-152.

Blakely, Barbara J., and Susan B. Pagnac. “Pausing in the Whirlwind: A Campus Place-Based Curriculum in a Multimodal Foundation Communication Course.” Journal of Writing Program Administration 35.2 (Spring 2012): 11-37.

Blakely, Barbara. “iPods, Viagra, and the Praiseworthy Life: Epideictic Rhetoric in Technology and Medical Print Advertising.” The Journal of Popular Culture, 44.4 (August 2011): 684-703.

Duffelmeyer, Barb Blakely and Anthony Ellertson. “Technology as Critical Pedagogy: Using Flash to Incorporate Visual and Critical Technological Literacy into First-Year Composition.” Special issue, Across the Disciplines focusing on “Incorporating the Visual into Writing/Electronic/ Communication/Learning Across the Curriculum.” December 2005.

(most-often cited of my work)

Duffelmeyer, Barb Blakely. “Critical Computer Literacy: Computers in Topic and Environment.” Computers and Composition, 17.3 (December 2000): 289-307.

(one of my “favs”)

Duffelmeyer, Barb Blakely. “Visualizing ‘Respect’: Visual Media Literacy and Students’ Understanding of Globalization and Technology Issues.” Journal of Visual Literacy, 24.2 (Autumn 2004): 165-184.

Current Research

Writing program assessment via e-portfolios.

Effective student reflections in e-portfolios.

How experienced and successful instructors make the decision to incorporate technology into their pedagogy.

Outside of the University

I have a wonderful family, including two amazing grandsons. I travel to Oregon and to Michigan each year. I swim in the summer and have more books in my house than I can count.