Ella Alhudithi




Ella Alhudithi is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Linguistics and Technology at Iowa State University with interests in corpus linguistics, languages for specific purposes, systemic functional linguistics, and language pedagogy. Her present research integrates a genre and corpus-based approach to examine the rhetorical move structure of teaching philosophy statements by faculty at large public universities in the States. She hopes the results will be of great assistance to any academic seeking to advance their knowledge of the genre. In addition to her studies, Ella enjoys preparing and delivering workshops, consultations, and interactive materials on academic and professional genres at the Graduate College’s Center for Communication Excellence. Her work has been presented in journals and conferences, like LLT, TESOL, AAAL, ACTFL, and MLA, and recognized with several awards, including the Hutchinson-Lahman Research Award from the University of Northern Colorado and the International Presidential Fellowship from Colorado State University.